We find their perfect play group and fill their day with a balance of enriching play and restful periods. 

We strive to be your dog's happy place.

Doggy daycare is a great environment for dogs to practice their socialization under the watchful eye of a dogfessional human. Unsure of your dogs temperament? Try out our first day and get a professional assessment to let you know if group play is the right space for your dog.

Why Doggy Daycare?


✔   Late night snuggles on the couch just don’t happen? Let us help. J.Tails has a 100% success rate of tiring your pup out, so you can enjoy a couch cuddle with your dog at the end of a long day.

✔   It’s not just socializing. J.Tails provides enrichment activities and custom tailored play groups for each dog. 

✔   Never leave your dog bored at home again. Trust J.Tails instead to tire out your pup. We guarantee zzz’s in the car ride home.

✔   Want to come home to a calm night after a long day but your dog has other plans.... Let us help get those zoomies out at doggy daycare, so you can enjoy a relaxing evening after a hard day. 

✔ Ever come home to find a destroyed [insert item here] and a guilty dog who just couldn't help themselves? We don’t just play with dogs, we provide enrichment activities coupled with positive enforcement. Encouraging only good behaviors and manners and redirecting the unwanted. Returning a happy, tired and more behaved dog to you. 

Have a super high energy pup who needs way more exercise than he’s getting right now?

Then the Barkyard, is perfect for you. 


Bring your pup at your selected time for their first day. We will text you half way through to let you know how they are doing. Follow along with their day on our live webcams or catch a glimpse of them on our social media.

Step 3: 
Drop off for play time

Follow these steps to choose your first pup's first day: 
 Request Service > First Day > Choose date

Step 2: 
Pick Your Date

Create your pets profile and upload a copy of their vaccines (screen shot or picture).

step 1:



*Dogs over 7 months of age must be neutered and up to date on Rabies, Bordetella and DAPP.

We’re a reliable resource for your dogs care whether you’re at work, the beach or out of town. We provide a fun and safe environment by utilizing the power of positive reinforcement and appropriate play groups. Add on a puzzle or a frozen treat to really spoil your pup. You can even ask for the full works of a bath/nail trim/ear cleaning to be done at your pups visit.

Don’t forget to peek at your pups day by logging in to our live webcams and reading your dogs daily report card. Have a question about your pups day, shoot us a text, email, dm or even a phone call. We love to keep you in the know and are always up for a chat on you and your pets experience.

J. Tails is more than just a happy place for your dog. 


Your pet parent login is more than a place to book appointments. It's also where you’re able to buy memberships/packages, view every single photo we’ve ever taken of them and update you and your pets information. Did you know you can even make an estimate of what your dogs care will be? Create your reservation > Click on the estimate tab and voila!

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SMALL:  $15
LARGE: $35
X-LARGE: $45

NAILS: $12




10 SHUTTLES: $108
20 SHUTTLES: $204


5 DAYS: $126
10 DAYS: $238
20 DAYS: $448


5 Days: $85.5
10 DAYS: $161
20 DAYS: $304



1/2 DAY: $19
Shuttles: $12


packages are valid 90 Days after purchase.


All dogs enjoy a routine of:
Indoor/Outdoor Play 7 AM–12 PM
Nap Time 12 PM–2:00 PM,
Indoor/Outdoor Play 2 PM–4 PM
Brush Out 4 PM–4:15 PM
Go Home Time 4:30 PM–7 PM.

We have toys, interactive objects and pools to keep them entertained throughout the day. For dogs that are with us for a half day (less than 5 hours), they do not participate in nap time.

So, what does my dog do all day?

We do tours Monday-Friday 5 PM - 6:30 PM. This allows you to view the live webcams and see the facility. Give us a call or book your tour online. Allowing the dogs as little interruptions as possible during their time with us. Only humans please for the tours, no pups at this time.

When can I come for a tour?

We ask that all dogs be able to pass a temperament test to ensure they will be a good fit for group play. As well, they will need to be spayed/neutered if older than 6 months, currently on a flea preventative and have the following up to date vaccines: Rabies, DAPP, Bordetella.

What is needed to participate at Barkyard?

Monday-Friday: 7 AM-10 AM, 12 PM-2 PM, 4:30PM-7 PM
Saturday: 8 AM-10 AM, 12 PM-1 PM, 5 PM-6 PM
*Saturday daycare dogs are at play from
8-1 PM then kenneled from 1- 5 PM.
Sunday: 8-9 am, 5-6 pm. Appointments required, boarding only.
Sunday (Boarding only): 8-9 AM, 5-6 PM

What are your drop off and pick up times?

WE are so excited for your pups first day! Please ensure all vaccination records have been uploaded and that if your dog is over 6 months of age, has been neutered. We ask that you drop off between 7 am to 7:30 am or 9 to 9:30 am for your pups first day only Monday - Friday. For their first day, we evaluate their temperament to ensure that they will properly acclimate to the group play environment. Temperament tests are required before any boarding can be done.

What is a Temperament Test?


Step 1: Register your pup here: Pet Parent Login. During this time, you’ll upload a copy/picture/screen shot of your dogs vaccination records.

Step 2: In that same pet parent login, you can make a reservation for their temperament test. This is where we ensure that they properly acclimate to the space and their group.

Step 3: They are ready to come as little or as much as wanted after they have passed their temperament test on their first day! Don’t forget to checkout our package options.

How do I get started?

Yes! We separate by size and temperament to ensure that all the pups at J.Tails Barkyard have a fun and safe environment. We actually have two separate buildings, one for littles and one for bigs.

Are the dogs separated?

We recommend contacting UB Haven to help get your pup to the point where it would have a good time in social settings. Until then, we’d love to provide in home pet care.

My dog isn't friendly with other pups, but I want it to be...

Yes, each additional pup will enjoy 20% off their daycare. If boarding together in same kennel, second pup is only charged for price of daycare. Play around with our estimator when booking in your pet parent login

Do you offer discounts for multiple dogs?

We maintain a 1 human to every 15 pups ratio. During their day, we practice gate control and recall to help us manage the pups.

How many people are there per dog?


We recommend 1 time a week minimum to 2-3 times a week depending on your dog. Though you’re welcome to come daily, we recommend 3 times a week at most. As daycare can be a fun, but an exhausting place.

How often should my dog come?

Yes! We believe that kennels give dogs a safe space for rest. We have a few always open on the play floor for any dogs wanting a break. During nap time (12-2 pm), we put all dogs up in a kennel with the lights low and soft music. We use kennels that are size appropriate for the dog. If you prefer your dog to not be in a kennel, we do offer half days where dogs do not participate in nap times. 

Is my dog kenneled?

We provide all pups staying with us with lots of love and fun, but they also have in their townhouse bowls, raised cot and blankets. We welcome toys, personal bedding or items. As for food, it’s best that your dog continues their at home diet, we ask that it be brought in a ziplock bag for easy storage during their stay. Don’t forget our boarding add-ons, such as puzzles and ice creams.

My pup will be boarding, what should I bring?

We ask that for your pups first visit that you make a reservation prior. Afterwards, reservations are appreciated and help us prepare for the day, but not mandatory. 

Do I need a reservation?

The live webcams can be viewed in your pet parent portal when your pup is checked in with us. Drop down menu>Photos/Videos>Live Webcams. Happy stalking!

How do I watch the live webcams?

We offer early drop off or late pick up by request for a fee of $5 for every 15 minutes, with as early as 6:30 am and as late as 7:15 pm. If this isn’t applicable, we also offer shuttle services within 10 minutes of Barkyard. For shuttle services we drive your pet to or from Barkyard for $10. We give you a lockbox for your key to kept in. We also try to be flexible if you’re needing to pick up a little before or after a drop off period, just let us know asap and we will be happy to help.

I need to drop off or pick up outside of your open times.

"He is actually excited to leave me in the morning when I drop him off! I know that he is loved and well taken care of when he is at daycare. Their package pricing is a great value, especially considering I get live camera access to him, photos, and a report card every day. 5-paw rating from us!"
–Buster's Mom

"Buster’s face says it all, we love this place!"

"It is the best and safest place, not only for our dogs but for our peace of mind as well. Every person who works here shows how much they love and care for all the pups! It is amazing to get a report card with their behavior and all the cute and funny pictures ! I love being able to check the live cameras to always find them having an amazing time! THANK YOU :)" 
–Pixie & Maya's Mom

My babies, Pixie and Maya, absolute love going to JTails!

 I moved here with my 2 year old pup in July from Chicago. J. Tails has become a part of my family when it comes to taking care of my dog. I honestly could not have done this without them! I use their daily dog walking services and just started some half day daycare. They are so responsive and truly care for my dog like their own. They have been so accommodating and flexible, which has made it so much less stressful for me knowing that my dog is in good hands. Thank you for all that you do!"
–Steely's Mom

I absolutely love J. Tails!


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